Annenberg Grants to Aid a Range of Emerging Artists / The New York Times

"David Pegram was one of the actor-puppeteers in Lincoln Center Theater’s recent production of “War Horse.” Devon Teuscher became a soloist with American Ballet Theater in 2014. They are among the nine emerging artists who are being awarded $50,000 grants this year by the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund for the Performing and Visual Arts."


Ahron Foster

Animal /
The New York Times

"Other figures occasionally drift into view: a squalling, infantile old woman in a wheelchair (Kristin Griffith) and a hunky intruder named Dan (David Pegram), who materializes like a custom-ordered Mephistopheles."

Guthrie's 'The Lion In Winter' Revels in a royal holiday mess  /
City Pages

"Still, there's a lot to admire here. Pegram is a standout as a teenage monarch who relishes, with an almost eerie dignity, the advantage of his youth."


The Repercussions of an Empty Wallet /
The New York Times

"Ennis (Royce Johnson in the TheaterWorks production), the stay-at-home brother, works at a barbecue restaurant and is about to become a father. Malcolm (David Pegram), still romantically unattached, is home for the summer, working for the E.P.A. after receiving his master’s degree from the University of Connecticut."


'A Few Good Men' Perfectly Handles the Truth / Broadway World

"David Pegram delivers a magnificent performance that is imbued with his character's sense of honor. David Pegram's Dawson takes pride in his honor to his unit, the Corp, God, and country, and he is completely unwilling to betray his sense of honor."

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The Piano Lesson /
The New York Times

"David Pegram, as Lymon, Boy Willie’s friend, has a fine grasp of the language as well. A scene that finds him alone with Berniece at night is softly powerful and some of Mr. Wilson’s best writing. It is beautifully performed here."


'Fly' Soars at the Rep /
St. Louis Post

"... Pegram, Brown, Cobbs and Sledge create distinct, vivid characters. Some of the airmen’s moments — are so powerful that on opening night, the audience often burst into applause at the conclusion of a scene, like the audience at a musical after a beautiful song..."


Young Broadway actor David Pegram, a Houston native, wins a major award / Houston Chronical

"Pegram will receive $50,000 a year for two years from the Philadelphia-based philanthropic organization to support his professional development. He said he's been overwhelmed by the attention the announcement has generated."